Homework due JUNE 6th

Your homework for the next two weeks is to create your Egyptians project.
At the end of term you were given an A3 piece of card: using the research in your Topic book create a project on ONE area, for example Mummification. You can only use ONE side of your card, but you can create more space by making flaps, and you can add 3D effects: for example Pyramids.

If you click on the following link you can look at last year’s projects.


Also remember to look at the blogs written by our friends in America and Australia:

Remember to be polite when commenting, and try to ask questions that can be answered.

Homework Due 15/05/14

This week’s homework sees the return of the 100 Word Challenge.
The prompt this week is a picture:


Please write a 100 word story about what is happening in the picture.

We are also going to be looking at Blogs written by children in schools around the world We have signed up to a scheme called Quadblogging which links us with schools around the world. In a week’s time, children from schools in America, New Zealand and Australia will be looking at our 100WC posts and may even comment. Then we will look at their work in the future.

Make sure that your 100WC represents your best work.

Humorous Poetry

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Year Three have been looking at Humorous Poetry.
We have written our own versions of the poem ‘Where Teachers Keep Their Pets’

Where Teachers Keep Their Pets
by Paul Cookson

Mrs Cox has a fox
nesting in her curly locks.

Mr Spratt

Homework due 7th January

This week’s homework is based on last week’s.

Everybody should have posted a 100 word story about custard. We are now going to Self and Peer assess these stories.
We are going to use the traffic light assessments we use in class.
I would like you to Reply to your story with the name of a colour (Green, Yellow or Red) and a number (1,2 or 3). To show how you feel about your story and how much effort you put it. I then want you to make a positive comment about somebody else’s piece of work.

You also have worksheets for Literacy, Maths and Computing (the Bee-Bot sheet).
All this homework is due next Friday. Any problems with any part of the Homework, either the paper sheets or posting on the blog should be discussed with a member of staff on THURSDAY, not friday morning.

Homework for Faith Week (w/c 13th January)

Next week is Faith Week.
We will be looking at different Religions, focusing mainly on Symbols, Colours and Music relating to different faiths. We will be having some visitors in School and in Class to teach us about different faiths.

Literacy Homework: Mrs. Fasey has given you a sheet of Instructions on ‘How to make a pop-up face’

Blog Homework: Make a New Year’s resolution and post it on the Blog. What are you going to change or do better this year? It could be something in School or at home.

Maths Homework: Have a go at the Times Table Game at: http://www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/games/SumSense/summulti.html

In the game you have to drag numbers to make a Multiplication sum.

How long does it take you to answer ten questions? Post your best score.

Homework due 22/11/2013

This week’s homework is a sheet on 2Adjective sentences given to you by Mrs. Fasey today (Friday 15th).

This type of sentence is one of your class targets. Alongside the sheet we will be having another go at the 100WC. You could try to include a 2Adj sentence in your challenge!

Because this week we have had Remberance Day and our theme in Collective Worship (Assemblies) has been remembering, write a story, poem and non-fiction piece including the word